Kamalar Howard Tabor


I’m Kamalar, a fitness professional that has been teaching in the Twin Cities for over a decade. My passion is for prenatal and postpartum mamas ( you are postpartum any time you’ve birthed a baby, whether it was years ago, or resulted in a stillbirth).

I believe in creating an exercise environment that is welcoming & fun, where we breathe and move together, resulting in a community. Modifications & variations are always offered in order to respect each unique individuals’ needs.

PAST & CURRENT Certifications/Education:

  • Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor

  • NETA (National Exercise Trainer’s Association) Group Fitness

  • TRX

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training - in progress

  • DONA (Doula Organization of North America) Birth Doula - in progress


My Story

I’m a lifelong mover, and learner. I began dancing at 4 years old, studying Vaganova (Russian) Ballet throughout high school, performing in pointe shoes & tutus. I attended the U of MN for college, continuing my dance studies, as well as earning a liberal arts degree in 2006. It was at the University where I was first introduced to modern dance, Yoga, & Pilates.

After college, I immediately enrolled in Pilates training. During this time, I worked as a dance teacher & in the retail & restaurant industries. If anything, these experiences made me more of a “people person.”

Pilates opened a new world for me: a world where I could continue to move my body and stay flexible & mobile without dance. My love of movement grew and my passion for teaching others emerged. I continued to earn trainings and certifications and began to identify more as a “fitness professional” than a “dancer.” Although the truth is: once a dancer, always a dancer.

I worked full time in the fitness industry until the birth of my son in 2016.

During pregnancy, I struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe vomiting & nausea). I was challenged with daily living requirements especially exercise. I also tried to manage carpal tunnel syndrome & acid reflux and grew frustrated by downward dogs & other traditional pregnancy exercises. I was able to breathe & move and still work my muscles by doing Pilates. Thank God for Pilates.

But guess what? Practicing Pilates didn’t result in the perfect labor & delivery story, nor did it keep me from having diastasis recti (ab separation). I know better now.

I had a long labor & delivery with a baby that was not positioned perfectly but I also had the unwavering support of my husband, birth doula, and a patient midwife. My eyes have not only been opened to the great Twin Cities birthing community and all of its resources, but to the lack of education & even injustices that do still exist for pregnant women, laboring women, new moms, and postpartum women regarding their knowledge of their own bodies and their care.

We can do better and I want to help.


Ready to get moving?