What is MUTU?

A made up word that stands for “mummy tummy” or “mum tum”

Kamalar is photographed to the left with MUTU creator/founder/CEO, Wendy Powell. The photo was taken in San Diego during MUTU PRO certification in November 2018.

MUTU is designed for you to participate in the comfort of your own home. The program is online and consists of core workouts, intensives (think gentle cardio that will increase your heart rate), nutritional suggestions, an online support group, and so much more!

“As a physical therapist, I appreciate Kamalar’s attention to detail. She focuses on proper form, breathing, and cues to ensure you not only receive a great workout, but use the correct muscles. I would trust her expertise for any of my patients after discharge from PT”
— Jenna Brandt, PT,DPT